Do you have aging accounts but lack a team to work them?

Don’t stress, we have a solution for you! Our Insourcing service allows current and new clients to hire experienced RMC employees on a contract basis. And the best part? They work on site. What this means for you:

•No time spent on interviews & hiring- At RMC we have an experienced AR team that has been in the industry for years! Because you are, essentially hiring on RMC employees, you can forget about the interview procedure.

•No additional benefits cost- Apart from paying a fee to RMC, you don’t need to budget for additional new hires and benefits allowing you to reallocate your budget.

•Manage the project to your needs- Insourcing provides you the flexibility to oversee and manage the project as you wish, whether that is having RMC in charge or someone within your company. You choose!

•Customized Reports with full access- Because RMC employees are working onsite they will be using your reporting tool and systems that are set to your coding specifications. This allows you access to statistics such as calls made per day, hours vs. billing, productivity, and more.

See if Insourcing is the program you need!

RMC offers Insourcing, a customized program that allows current and new clients to hire RMC employees on a contractual basis. RMC’s experienced team works on the client’s behalf at the client’s onsite location.

Let us help you define whether Insourcing is what you need: