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When should we use RMC’s services?

When you are looking to reduce collection aging and turning your delinquencies into cash.

When is the right time to place a claim for collection?

When your progress has stopped. Time is the enemy of collections as as receivables degrade. Once your efforts have stalled, it is time to seek assistance.

Where is RMC located and how long have you been in business?

We are located in Woburn, MA and have over 25 years of experience in the business collection industry.

Does RMC purchase debt?

RMC does not purchase debt at the moment.

What can clients provide to aid in collection efforts?

To aid with collection efforts clients can help RMC by providing key documentation such as invoices, purchase orders, credit applications and personal guaranties (if applicable), in a timely fashion..

Can principals be pursued when a company is incorporated?

Only if there is a personal guarantee in place.

Should claims be pursued legally after collection efforts?

Pursuing claims legally vary from claim to claim. RMC reviews the details of the claim before proceeding with legal efforts.

How do I find the status of my existing collection claim(s)?

To find the status of your existing claim, log in to our portal or contact RMC client services at 800-281-1036.

What is the process once an account is forwarded to an attorney?

Once an account is forwarded to an attorney, the attorney will provide his/her additional opinion regarding the best method to move forward. Lawsuits are filed with your authorization. Please view RMC Attorney Info for more information

What is RMC’s fee structure?

RMC fee structures are customized for each client, therefore fees may vary. RMC does, however, guarantee that no collection fee will be charged until payments are received.

What do collection fees cover?

Collection fees cover collection costs, skip-tracing, mailing costs, telephone costs, and administration costs. Fees are only charged on amounts collected.