John Cardarelli

Title: President

Years at RMC: Founder of RMC (28+ years)

Skills: Sales, finance, revenue cycle analysis, charismatic!

Interests: Nutrition, gardening, cooking, photography, spending time with my grandkids 

Caffeine/day: 3 black coffees, Matcha green tea

Pet: A 14 yr. old, 3.5 lbs, Maltese, named Daisy 

Hobbies: Weightlifting, cycling, fitness

Alan Goldberg

Title: Principal

Years at RMC: 28+ years

Skills: Business Management, credit and collections expertise gained over 40 years, legal process, client services

Interests: Traveling, watching my grandchildren grow-up 

Caffeine/day: 4 cups of coffee a day (habit)


Peter Francis

Title: Collections Manager

Years at RMC: 18+ years

Skills: Collections all fields, Receivable Management, Skip Tracing, Client Service, 40 years Collection Experience, 30 years Collection Management

Interests: Music, Sports, Travel 

Caffeine/day: 2 Dunkin’s Half Caffeine before 9AM only

Pet: Nikita, Huskie

Hobbies: Golf, Music


Don Badger

Title: Account Executive

Years at RMC: Since 2004 with a break in between 😉

Skills: Hablo Espanol un poquito, cooking on the grill

Interests: Traveling, Boston, wine, quality time with Lauren, family, friends & clients

Caffeine/day: 1 coffee & 1 green tea

Pet name: Briggs, my German Shephard

Hobbies: Golf, boating, living my job

Bill Bean

Title: Business Development

Years at RMC: 12

Skills: Quick learner and a people person

Interests­­­­: Football, baseball, meeting new people

Caffeine/day: 3-5 Large coffees (maybe 1- 2 additional small cups when traveling)  

Hobbies: Running, fishing, reading, watching movies


Esthefany Hung

Title: Marketing Manager

Years at RMC: 3 years

Skills: Fluent in Spanish, basic French, Adobe & more! 

Interests­­­­: All things tech and desserts  

Caffeine/day: 1.5 cups of coffee & many cups of tea! 

Pet: A pup named Duncan 💙🐾

Hobbies: The Office, coloring, hiking, reading, traveling -no particular order