Our veteran staff are trained to use collection techniques that are in accordance with all relevant federal and state debt collection regulations.

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This customized program generally targets clients who have high volume/lower dollar-value accounts. It is a cost effective tool to effectively reach those accounts that you are unable to reach by conventional means. RMC’s letter program consists of soft letters sent on our client’s behalf, informing accounts to pay amounts owed to our client. These letters come in a series of 2-3 letters with the final letter informing the insolvent that if no action is taken, a collection agency will be involved.


Similar to our letter technique, calls and emails consist of soft and hard calls/emails to accounts reminding them of their outstanding balance.

Skip Tracing

An important factor to collecting receivables is gathering information about the account. The more information we obtain, the more leverage there is to recover the receivables due. Our skip tracers use internet software that provides contact information, databases that allow them to learn about consumer or commercial files, and credit availability. With their valuable account findings, our skip tracers are able to assist RMC collectors.

Due Diligence

Due diligence efforts are completed before legal referral claims are passed onto an attorney. After this is completed, RMC is able to provide a recommendation to a client regarding their claims. RMC considers the following before providing a recommendation: the amount that is owed to our client, if the debtor has additional outstanding debt with other businesses, if indicators show that the account may be out of business, and weighing potential cost of legal action against the relative size of the debt. By focusing on these criteria, RMC can ensure their client’s financial resources will be used most effectively.

Legal Referral

Legal Referral is completed outside of RMC’s office with an attorney that is recommended by RMC. RMC’s nationwide attorney representation is drawn from the American Lawyers Quarterly (ALQ). Every attorney utilized is a creditor’s rights attorney, each is fully bonded and all are members of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA).