5 reasons why you should choose RMC!

Five reasons why you should choose RMC!

There are multiple factors to be considered when choosing a collection agency. The key question that must be answered when researching collection agencies is “Does this agency have the infrastructure, personnel, success, and experience in place to deliver results?” At RMC, we believe we do! With over 25 years of business history, we offer up to-date-technology, experienced collection industry personnel and most importantly, trust to our clients. We are capable of providing the most effective and efficient returns:

  • Up-to-date tech- RMC uses the latest technology such as in-house collection software for customized reporting, online database searching tools, and a user-friendly payment portal.
  • Service- RMC has developed a client friendly business model that provides clients with reliable information. RMC’s services include online account access, revenue cycle and analytical collection reviews, account matching, insourcing, outsourcing, and early out escalation programs.
  • Well-trained professionals- RMC’s professional collectors have more than 20 years of experiences in the industry. Our collectors are trained to work professionally and diplomatically with delinquent accounts. This secures the collection of your accounts receivable in an efficient and expeditious manner.
  • Member of IACC- Being a member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors ensures that you will be working with agencies that provide the most cutting edge collection techniques while complying with stringent ethical and professional standards.
  • Trust- Over the years we have had the honor of earning our client’s trust. It is simply stated in our goal, “… All of our efforts are geared to gain your trust, your respect and to build a lasting relationship through hard work, dedication and superior performance.” Our relationship with our clients is transparent, we continually update our clients with the status of their claims and always welcome feedback.

We are certain that RMC can drive the most effective and efficient results you need. Remember, engaging a collection agency early in the collection process can yield more positive results!!!