Order to cash process…

Order to cash

The Order-to-Cash (OTC) cycle involves virtually the entire spectrum of financial operations.

From Credit Granting to Order Processing, to Billing/Invoicing, to eventual Credit & Collections, and possible placement to a third-party.  It is critical for your trusted collection agency to understand the importance of the OTC cycle as it can be ripe with inefficiencies. It can also create issues in cash flow, bad debt, and customer satisfaction.

The Order-to-Cash process might seem relatively simple, but it can be quite complicated especially when it comes to cash collection.  There are many opportunities for error throughout the entire OTC cycle and businesses will find that many of these struggles occur within the cash collection phase.

At RMC, we specialize in aiding companies through their cash collection efforts:

  • Delinquent accounts receivable
  • Creative outsourcing implementation
  • Insourcing
  • Escalation programs to assist in driving cash, lowering bad debt
  • Resolving customer satisfaction issues

The revenue cycle analysis is one of the most important services we offer.  Our services lead to improved revenue cycle operations as we aim to resolve and identify front end efficiencies.  The analytical information we provide can virtually change the way you do business for the better, thus improving all segments of your OTC process. 


Remember, engaging a collection agency early in the collection process can yield more positive results!!!


When is a Collection Agency your best route?

As a business, you are always looking for the most effective and cost-friendly route to handle your business needs. When it comes to account dues, knowing when to use in-house resources vs. specialized collection agencies is crucial. Some factors that need to be considered between the two are:
  • Cost & Time to Set-Up: It is a significant investment for companies to establish their own Collections department. Account balances may be long overdue by the time collection representatives are hired, trained, and develop the knowledge and experience to be successful collectors. Additionally, there are also related expenses that need to be considered, such as hiring, management, and compliance costs. At RMC, we provide professional debt collectors that have been working in the industry for over 25 years.
  • Tools: Third party agencies have access to collection tools so you don’t have to! Agencies utilize specialized collection tools that require time and money to set up. This can include access to skip-tracing and credit bureau sites, in-house collection software, customized reporting tools, and website interfaces. RMC is committed to providing its clients with the most up-to-date technology and resources to deliver successful collection efforts.
  • Brand Perception: It is important to consider a collection agency that is committed to supporting your company’s brand and reputation. Professional debt collectors often serve as an extension of a company’s workforce and are trained to provide a service that meets, and often exceeds, client expectations. At RMC, we pride ourselves on providing high quality customer service.
  • Procedures & Programs: Collection agencies typically have procedures and programs in place that are intended to drive collection efforts. They are also designed to best serve its client’s needs. RMC’s services include custom programs and procedures such as revenue cycle analysis, free demand period, and insourcing and outsourcing projects.
  • Attorney Relationships: The goal of any Collection agency is to recover accounts due without the involvement of an attorney. However, if legal services are required, Collection agencies often have established relationships with debt settlement attorneys. Attorneys whom have the experience to assist with the final stages of collection efforts.

It is important to take the above factors into consideration when deciding which collection route is best for your company.

Helping your Collection Agency!

A misconception in the collection world is that once a past due account is placed for collections, all efforts on behalf of the client are complete.  However, there is plenty that can be done to facilitate a successful collection effort; one that will help you get paid.

Submit Claims Early

A common mistake made on past due accounts is waiting too long to place the claim for collections. Delaying claim placement can affect collectability and increases the risk of a company going out of business or filing for bankruptcy. If the customer hasn’t made any effort to contact you regarding payment or defaults on payment agreements, the claim should be placed immediately for third-party collections.

Provide Complete Documentation and Information at Placement

Collection efforts are more productive and efficient if all details of the claim are provided at the time of placement.  Providing information upfront can reduce collection time and can improve chances of collecting amounts due.

Documents and information that can help facilitate collection efforts include:

  • Copies of invoices, purchase orders, proof of delivery, etc.
  • Accurate and complete debtor information
  • Summary of in-house collection efforts and current status of account
  • Any correspondence or communication related to the transaction and past due account
  • Other credit -related documents (i.e. credit application, letter of credit, personal guarantee, etc.)
Provide New Information

It’s important to keep your collection agency informed of any changes related to the delinquent account.  This includes receiving payment, finding out that the company has moved, filed for bankruptcy, or has been sold off to another company.

Respond Promptly to Agency Requests

The window of opportunity for successful collection of a delinquent account is often short.  It can become even shorter if requests for additional information are not responded to in a timely manner.  Every minute counts in the collection world and creating unnecessary delays can become the difference between a recovered balance and writing the balance off as bad debt.

Trust Your Agency  

Most companies will choose a reputable collection agency with years of experience and expertise.  It’s important to trust that the agency you choose will represent you honestly and professionally.


We hope you will trust RMC to be your primary collection agency!

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Kudos to our debt collectors!

Kudos to our debt collectors!

Let’s be honest, we have to appreciate our debt collectors. Nobody likes to receive a call or email from a debt collector, especially when the debt collector claims the amount owed is from months or maybe even years before. As is human nature, debtors tend to become either defensive, stressed, embarrassed or sometimes even offensive. The debtor’s negative reactions can decrease the debt collector’s level of cool.

In the end, RMC debt collectors want their client’s accounts due to be paid. They know that sometimes simple actions like listening to debtors explain why they have not paid their account dues, goes a long way. Debt collectors also know that to have a productive conversation with a debtor, they must be:

  • Polite
  • Helpful
  • Direct
  • Professional
  • Respectful

This accomplishes a couple of things: It lets the debtor know you mean business, but are willing to be realistic and considerate by giving them options. When a debt collector works with a debtor to form a plan that is both progressive and realistic, the chances of the debtor adhering to the plan increases.

Debt collectors at RMC always keep in mind that the people they are contacting are individuals whom may someday do business with our current clients once again. They consider that debtors are an extension of our client(s) and have a professional image to maintain, all while doing their best to get account dues paid.

The professionalism our debt collectors provides is just one of the many reasons why you should consider RMC as your commercial collection agency!

5 reasons why you should choose RMC!

Five reasons why you should choose RMC!

There are multiple factors to be considered when choosing a collection agency. The key question that must be answered when researching collection agencies is “Does this agency have the infrastructure, personnel, success, and experience in place to deliver results?” At RMC, we believe we do! With over 25 years of business history, we offer up to-date-technology, experienced collection industry personnel and most importantly, trust to our clients. We are capable of providing the most effective and efficient returns:

  • Up-to-date tech- RMC uses the latest technology such as in-house collection software for customized reporting, online database searching tools, and a user-friendly payment portal.
  • Service- RMC has developed a client friendly business model that provides clients with reliable information. RMC’s services include online account access, revenue cycle and analytical collection reviews, account matching, insourcing, outsourcing, and early out escalation programs.
  • Well-trained professionals- RMC’s professional collectors have more than 20 years of experiences in the industry. Our collectors are trained to work professionally and diplomatically with delinquent accounts. This secures the collection of your accounts receivable in an efficient and expeditious manner.
  • Member of IACC- Being a member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors ensures that you will be working with agencies that provide the most cutting edge collection techniques while complying with stringent ethical and professional standards.
  • Trust- Over the years we have had the honor of earning our client’s trust. It is simply stated in our goal, “… All of our efforts are geared to gain your trust, your respect and to build a lasting relationship through hard work, dedication and superior performance.” Our relationship with our clients is transparent, we continually update our clients with the status of their claims and always welcome feedback.

We are certain that RMC can drive the most effective and efficient results you need. Remember, engaging a collection agency early in the collection process can yield more positive results!!!

When to use a collection agency!

As a business, having unpaid customer balances, is a fairly common occurrence. The reality is that there are always customers who do not submit payments on time, if at all. A collection agency can benefit your business to help reduce bad debt and turn your accounts receivable into cash. Many companies lack the necessary resources to effectively manage their accounts receivable portfolios. This is one of the many challenges that businesses face when collecting debt. Below are examples for when a business should engage a collection agency:

Promises of payment are not fulfilled: An account can default on payment by stating a check is on its way or by failing to commit to a payment plan. These actions demonstrate the account’s inability to pay, which can be a voluntarily action or as a result of limited cash flow within their business. False promises of payment is a serious warning sign that collection services are required.
Business is unable to contact the delinquent account: Businesses often struggle to obtain valid contact information. Even in cases where contact information is successfully obtained, attempts to reach the contact can go ignored. Collection agencies utilize tools, such as skip tracking, to locate appropriate contact information.
Multiple requests for documentation are made: Providing documentation to the delinquent account more than once is a common delay technique and is time consuming. These types of requests can cause unnecessary delays in collecting payments. Collection agencies have the experience to quickly identify delay techniques and understand how to handle them.
Business is unable to come to an agreement regarding outstanding balance: After explaining collection terms and requesting immediate action, the delinquent account is unwilling to come to an amicable compromise for payment. Collection agencies are experts in prompting payments and working out payment plans to result in full collection of debt.

Remember, engaging a collection agency early in the collection process can yield more positive results!!!

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